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Hi! I'm Amanda Roos. 

I'm working on a 1000 Pandas art project. I recently completed my 100th panda! 

The links here will take you to my shops, where I make my latest art available on everything from tote bags to T-shirts, as well as on digital asset platforms like Adobe Stock, where I sell high-quality vector images, and on OpenSea, where I sell NFTs. I also have links to my social media accounts here so you can follow along as I make more pandas. 

I'm always making more pandas and looking for fun new ways to use and share my art! For example, I'm looking into adding a gallery to this site to display the pandas I've made all in one place, so check back soon for that. I also have plans to illustrate a children's ABC book as my next 26 pandas and will hopefully start posting updates on that soon as well. 

Thanks for stopping by!


I have started a new project that I'm calling 1000 Pandas. It's a simple idea: I'm going to create 1000 pandas. I'll probably draw most of them. But I'm not limiting myself to drawing and I have some panda apps planned. I'm currently on panda 61 out of 1000, so there's a ways to go!

Amanda Farrell

My first smart phone was a Windows phone with no good apps on it. I was in college at the time and my husband (who was just a friend then) showed me how he was able to make an app with his Android phone in an afternoon. He had made a simple counter app that increased a number when you tapped the screen. It was a simple app, but I thought it was delightful.

A few years later I started taking Android classes with Udacity.com. After about a year of swimming through this new world of computer programming, I published my first app, Scorekeeper, to the play store. I was hooked. I liked seeing the comments from happy users. It was amazing to me that something as simple as a scorekeeper could be useful to people.

I've been publishing apps sporadically since then and hope to start publishing more regularly going forward. My code is open source up to this point for anyone interested in seeing how the apps are made. I've also been creating YouTube/blog post tutorials along the way as a way to help other Android beginners and to help myself retain what I've learned.

I would love to be an indie app developer as a career eventually (who wouldn't, right?). I want to try and do that without ad-supported apps (I'm not a fan of the advertising revenue model), so I'll be trying some paid and subscription based apps sometime in the future.

I don't want to stop making free apps either though. I still love the idea that these simple apps can be so helpful to people around the world, so I'll keep publishing that kind of app while I try to figure out if I can turn this app-making into a career.

I have a few donation apps that act as my tip jar for now. If you are one of the kind people who has taken the time to send some monetary appreciation my way, thank you! It's encouraging to see that I'm providing some value to other humans out there in the world. I hope you all enjoy!

Amanda Farrell


  1. Hi Amanda. I'm a teacher and I was hoping to use Change Calculator with a special-needs teen I work with, but his parents are committed to iPhones. Any suggestions? Thanks for making these life-changing app available.


    1. Hi! Sorry I didn't see this comment before today. I'm afraid I don't have a good recommendation for a similar iPhone app. If I ever start building my apps for that platform I'll let you know, but unfortunately I don't think I'll be doing that any time soon. Wish I had a better answer, but I'm glad you are finding the app helpful in some way! Good luck!


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